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Performing AD Schema Updates

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Disable AD Replication Before you start to update your AD Schema (for example to prepare AD for Installation of Exchange Servers) you should disable AD replication on your AD Schema master. repadmin /options mydc01.domain.com +DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL +DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL sc.exe \\mydc01.domain.com STOP NTFRS sc.exe \\mydc01.domain.com CONFIG NTFRS START= DISABLED Enable AD Replication repadmin /options mydc01.domain.com -DISABLE_OUTBOUND_REPL -DISABLE_INBOUND_REPL sc.exe \\mydc01.domain.com CONFIG NTFRS START= AUTOMATIC… Read more »

Recreate deleted RODC NTDS connection

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Problem You may have accidentially deleted the RODC NTDS connection, which is typically named “RODC Connection (FRS)”. Even tought deleting this connection is normally not possible without removing the “protect deletion” flag, the object no longer exists. Solution You have two option to recreate the RODC NTDS connection. Demote and repromote the RODC. Manually recreate the NTDS object. Since demoting… Read more »