Create SAN certificate request for IIS web servers

  • Open certificate MMC snap-in on the server.
  • Click on “Personal” -> “All Tasks” -> “Advanced Operations” -> “Create custom request”
  • Click “Next” on the certificate enrollment wizard.
  • Select “Proceed without enrollment policy” and click “Next”.
  • Choose “(No template) CNG key” and “PKCS #10” as request format and click “Next”.
  • On the certificate information page, click on “Details” and the click on “Properties”.
  • Under “Private Key” select your preferred key size and enable “Make private key exportable”.
  • Under the tab “Extensions” select “Extended Key Usage” and choose “Server Authentication” from the available options.
  • Under the “Subject” tab you can create multiple DNS names. From the drop down “Subject name” choose “Common name” and type the main certificate name as value. Click on “Add”.
  • Under “Alternative name” choose “DNS” and add all the alternate names.
  • Under “General” tab type a friendly name for the certificate and click on “OK”.
  • Choose where to save the certificate request file and click on “Finish”.

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