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Event 4292: The IPSec driver has entered Block mode

Problem Your Windows Small Business Server may no longer be available by it’s IP address and the following event is logged in event logs: Event 4292 The IPSec driver has entered Block mode. This is a known problem with Windows Small Business Server 2003 and some users have reported that it even might happen on normal Windows Server 2003. The… Read more »

Error 217: Invalid header fields (POP3 Connector)

Problem The POP3 Connector of the Small Business Server 2008 always showing the following error message in eventlogs and the read confirmations are not received by the originating sender. Event ID 217 One or more (x) E-Mail Messages in the POP3 Mailbox account ‘’ on the POP3 Server ‘’ have invalid fields. Because of this, the Messages are still on… Read more »