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Consolidate virtual machine disk files fails with “Unable to access file since it is locked”

Problem You may receive the following error message if you try to consolidate disk files of a virtual machine in VMware. Cause One of the virtual disks may be in use by any backup appliance such as “vSphere Data Protection”. To ensure, check all attached disks of the virtual machine, by editing the settings and check if there’s any disk… Read more »

Perform a silent upgrade of VMware Tools without restart

Problem You want to update the VMware Tools of a virtual machine without affecting the running machine (no restart). Solution In vCenter, right-click on the virtual machine and choose “Guest” -> “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools”. Put the following parameters into the “Advanced Options” field: Windows /S /v”/qn REBOOT=R” Linux –default

Manually update VMware tools on a Linux virtual machine

Instructions Make sure the virtual machine is powered on and correctly started up. Choose “Install/Upgrade VMware Tools” from menu “VM” > “Guest”. Logon to the guest operating system by using the root account. Type “Mount” to verify if the CDROM has already been mounted. If the CD-ROM is mounted, it should be shown like: /dev/cdrom on /mnt/cdrom type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev)… Read more »