How to correctly cleanup WSUS server

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Problem A typical WSUS server is getting more and more updates over time and disk space needed for those updates is growing. Unfortunately the integrated Cleanup Wizard does only half of the work needed, to really cleanup the WSUS server from unnecessary updates. Solution Decline superseded updates Open WSUS admin console and go to “All Updates”. Change “Approval” to “Any… Read more »

How to reset Veeam Endpoint Backup

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Problem Veeam Endpoint Backup is only doing a full backup on initial backup configuration. All subsequent backups are incremental. If you want Veeam Endpoint backup to create a new full backup, you can do a standalone full backup or completely recreate the backup. Solution Stop the “Veeam Endpoint Backup” service. Create the “RecreateDatabase” registry entry. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Endpoint Backup Start the… Read more »

vCSA warning: The /storage/xxx filesystem is low on disk space or inodes

Problem The webinterface of the VMware vCenter Server Appliance shows the following warning message: The /storage/xxx filesystem is low on disk space or inodes Solution Check the free space of the vCSA using SSH and the command df –h. See VMware KB article for explanation about which VMDK is used for corresponding mount points. Increase the disk size of the… Read more »

Create SAN certificate request for IIS web servers

Open certificate MMC snap-in on the server. Click on “Personal” -> “All Tasks” -> “Advanced Operations” -> “Create custom request” Click “Next” on the certificate enrollment wizard. Select “Proceed without enrollment policy” and click “Next”. Choose “(No template) CNG key” and “PKCS #10” as request format and click “Next”. On the certificate information page, click on “Details” and the click… Read more »

How to install Cumulative Update on Lync 2013 servers

Download Cumulative Update Please download the most recent Cumulative Update. Update Lync Frontend servers Log on the the first Front-End server with an account with proper permissions and run the Lync Server Management Shell Run the following command: Get-CsPoolUpgradeReadinessState Stop all Lync services: Stop-CsWindowsService –Graceful Check if all services are stopped or if any calls are still active, running… Read more »

Adding Google as IE search provider

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Problem With Windows Update KB3038314 Microsoft “introduced” the problem, that you’re no longer able to add new search providers to Internet Explorer. Solution Solution 1 Uninstall Windows Update with no. KB3038314. Restart your computer. Now try to add Google search to IE. It should work. Visit Windows Update and reinstall the update. Solution 2 Copy the text below, save… Read more »